Who’s your Star Wars baby daddy?

It turns out, even a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away the biggest burning question is: who’s your baby daddy? Luke and Leia Kissed and it turns out they are brother and sister. Han Solo *spoiler alert* (until his death) must have spent a tremendous amount (way more than 12 Parsecs) gargling the galaxies strongest mouthwash right after scrubbing his mouth  and tongue with a wire brush after learning this news (yuck!).

Insest  in Galaxy far, far, away? -oh Dear

Lonely nerds (like myself) everywhere became unwitting participants in a interstellar version of Maury when David Prowse shook his fist in the Darth Vader costume and then later James Earl Jones provided the voiced over bomb shell: “Luke.. I am your Father”. Nerd central exploded into a bazillion pieces making the Death Star explosion look like a small fire cracker. The previously mentioned nerds already had a lot on their plate, their voices and bodies were changing, there was a mid term calculus exam was next week, and there was a rumor in the magazine Starlog (RIP Starlog) that ABC was going to cancel Wonder Woman.

Fast forward 3 bleeping years to May 25, 1983, George Lucas had the nerds against the ropes and he it turns out he was not finished messing with our heads. The Hee-Haw (google it folks), Dukes of hazard, mullet wearing inbred Deliverance shenanigans continued to take place (really George?.. really??) when during “Return Of The Jedi” both Luke and Leia realize that their Dad is a really big jerk, likes to wear black leather, and they both now have a kiss that is soooooo awkwardly too long for siblings to try to forget (good luck with that).



Now its Rey’s turn. The internet is chock full of  rumors, innuendos, pie charts, graphs, pictographs,  and algorithms of who exactly Rey’s father might be. I personally believe Doctor Peppers new mascot “The sweet one” looks like Prince and Captain Jack Sparrow had a baby but then what do I know?





That Awkward Moment Grant Wood had a Close Encounter Of The Third Kind.

My very first painting like..ever was a black and white piece titled: “Self Portrait”

“Self Portrait” by: Michael Fuller

I went out of my way to name it this way because I just happen to be a joker, goof, goofball,  comedian, and artist all at the same time. I honestly was hoping that were would be a day where I would be at a gallery where it was being displayed and someone would say: (stroking their chin in interest and curiosity) “is that how you really see yourself?” and of course I would confirm that yes, that was the case. (even though it really was not).

Since I already was obsessed with UFO’s, Aliens, Science Fiction, Black and White B-Movies I made the decision to move to my next painting and create a Alien version of an iconic piece of American Art. “American Gothic” by Grant Wood instantly came to mind. Little did I know back then The familiar image that most people interpret as a Farmer and his wife, holds the distinction of being the ‘most parodied’ painting in History. With painstaking time on detail “A Martian Gothic” was born.

“A Martian Gothic” by: Michael Fuller

The iconic house is on fire, (if you knew me really well you would know this would have been a given) there are flying saucers in the background, the male alien is holding a three pronged trident looking object, and (my favorite part) the female alien has a very slight smirk on her face. It has been shown in 4 art shows, has always caused a buzz of interest and comments, and will always be my favorite piece of art that I have created.

Because its my favorite the first two times I showed it I absolutely had NO intentions of selling it. It was NOT for sale and that was the end of that discussion. Until I finally got around to taking some halfway decent pictures of it that I can now sell Prints of. 8 x 10 Prints are only $20.00 each. Please use the form below, include your name, email address, and put “A Martian Gothic” in the comment section and I will email you details on how you can own a copy.

Art By Mike? Midnight Pizza Productions? I am confused.

Primarily, for the most part, I am: Art By Mike. International traveler (Now that I finally have my Pass Port! yay!), artist on the run, class clown, business man and badger mustache trimming champion of 2016 (Okay I made that last part up).

I am inspired by: Comic Books, (both DC and Marvel) the artwork of Jack Kirby (who both DC and Marvel owe a huge thank you to), Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Grant Wood, black and white 50s-60s Science Fiction B movies, Aliens, Horror Movies, Manga, Fantasy, and well.. whatever comes to mind.

Midnight Pizza Productions on the other hand is more of a tongue in cheek  explanation of where the strange, weird, out of this world ideas come from that pop into my head. Some people say you get weird or odd dreams or thoughts if you eat spicy food late at night or after Midnight. I am not really sure if I honestly subscribe to this idea, but eating Pizza after Midnight certainly sounds like a great way to test the theory.

It is my hope to introduce my art to those who like it well enough to like, comment, share, and buy my artwork. After all, both Artist and business man are two of the ways I describe myself.

please take a moment or 2 and check out both my Website and my Instagram account. In the mean time if you sign up for my Email updates/Newsletter I will put your name and contact information in a random drawing for a free Limited Edition Print from my Breaking Bad Portrait Series.


just include your name, and email address and Voila! you now have access to insider stuff, goodies, information, updates, and a chance of having your very own Walter White staring at you. Cmon! do it! all the kids are doing it and its cooler than having a ice bucket challenge during a winter blizzard.


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